Do You Need A TV License For BBC Iplayer?


There are changes in the existing TV license law. You want to get a TV license, if you want to see BBC iPlayer, but not required to watch other catch-up sites. Do you want to speak to the customer service team of TV license? Then you want TV license contact number and you can check this in online.

There are institutions that collect details about the most watched programs on Television channels. There are plenty of TV channels and you can check to find out the devices used by most people to watch programs, and several other statistics.

In the UK, if you watch the live shows or record the TV programs, then you want to get a TV license. Many people think that the requirement of obtaining a TV license is based on the type of device they use. A study published that more than 31% of students don’t aware that seeing live TV shows on mobile needs a license. If you obtain a license already, you don’t want to get another license.

Whatever may be the device you use for watching TV shows like laptop, tablet, Smartphones, games console, and any other equipment you want to pay fees. But you don’t want a license if you watch the TV content that is not live or see after the programs had shown on TV. If you watch or download the programs after it was broadcasted are legal and it doesn’t require a license.

To get a new license, you can buy a new license or renew your existing license on the TV license website. From September 2016, you won’t need a new license to watch the programs of BBC iPlayer legally. There are some catch-up services that you can use to watch live TV shows legally without a license.

If you don’t watch the programmed telecasted on BBC and see only the shows of other TV channels using catch-up services, then you don’t want a TV license and this helps you to save money. You must remember that TV license is mandatory if you record or see the programs broadcasted in BBC iPlayer or you used BBC iPlayer and for other catch-up sites, you don’t require.

Using catch-ups you can watch anything like dramas, cartoons, documentaries, soaps and films. Services like the ITV Hub requires only some hours for updates.

Do you feel that you no longer need a TV license? Then it is best to cancel your TV license so that you can prevent license related letters reaching your home frequently. If you use your debit card to make the license payment directly, then you can cancel the form, by filing a form. You must state that you don’t watch the TV shows anymore and mention your latest address too. You must call and inform the professionals are working in TV License office, when you use a payment card to pay the license amount.

Once you have sent a cancel note, the authorities from the TV license institution will visit your home to confirm whether you are not watching TV shows using the BBC iPlayer and you use only catch-up  or on-demand or other services to watch shows.