Why Is Blogging So Interesting?

advantages-of-bloggingIn these days blogging is the easiest way of sharing your thoughts about everything. You can choose the subject and write anything and everything you want. You can write blog whenever you want. Sounds interesting, right? For those who want to be a blogger, you can check blogs like On Blast Blog which gives you the complete study of how to start a blog? Or you can publish your blogs in http://typepad.com/. So let us analyze why everyone is interested in blogging. The reasons could be,

Bringing Out The Writer In You
The main advantage would be making the communication skills polished, especially writing. Playing with words is something that can enhance your writing skills and bring out the writer in you.

A Better Thinker Will Be Born
Once you start writing a blog, you will start thinking a lot. Deep thinking is needed before you write the content. This deep thinking will help you personally as well to take any decisions in your life too.

Change In Your Personal Life
Once you start blogging, you will start to think about you more, may be the future of you and what kind of life you have in the future.

Concentrate More On Important Things
It is impossible to write everyday happenings of your life into words. The process of selection, as in what you want to write in your blog today will help you in concentrating more on personal life.

Healthier Life Habits Will Follow
Blogging requires most of your time, and once you start spending more time on blogging, you will slowly start to get rid of your bad habits.

New Relations Can Be Possible
Once you start blogging, you will get to know more people. The groups who genuinely are interested in your blogs and share your blogs.

Inspiration to other future bloggers
Because the blogs are free to read to the public, it will inspire other people to become a blogger too. It will help changing the life of other persons as well.

Fame Is Not So Far Away
Once you establish yourself as a blogger and if lots of people view and share your post, you will become famous. After all being known is not a small thing …quite exciting too!

Blogging Is Your Personal Journal
A Blog starts with the blogger’s experience and everyday life. That means it serves as a personal diary of the blogger. Your blog is the digital record of your personal life which no one can remove.

Confidence Will Be At Peak
Once you start blogging, you will start getting the confidence of showing your views to the world. You will discover the importance of your life and what you can do for others.

Your Recommendation Will Get Noticed
No matter what, whether it is a good restaurant, good book, anything you recommend on your blog will be accepted by people, and they will share with their friends. Every blog provides the platform to share the happiness you have experience and recommend it.

Be Open To All Feedback
You may find a negative feedback among hundreds of positive feedbacks. It will take some time to find encouragement in that feedback. It is up to you whether you want to consider it as negative or positive. If you take it as positive, you can say that blogging has changed your life.

You are not blogging to get a pay or to get rich. The only reason should be your personal happiness and your life. So keep blogging!

Autoimmune Diseases-Serious Threat To Dog’s Health

rp2The autoimmune disease is now the most common disease among the dog breeders and also people in the veterinary community. The symptoms of dog autoimmune disease vary based on the place of the immune complexes. The immune system is the biggest defense system of antibodies, white blood cells, and other elements to combat off foreign bodies and infections.

There are several types of autoimmune diseases and among them, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is a multisystem autoimmune disease that affects several systems in the body. You can check the site http://www.petmd.com/dog/conditions/endocrine/c_dg_lupus_erythematosus to know more about them.

The immune system has the ability to detect its own cells and foreign invaders by markers available on the every cell surface in the body. This ability detects skin grafts, blood transfusions, organ transplants. Like other systems in the body, the immune system fails either by doing its functions too well or not doing its work.

Autoimmune disease is a type of failure of the immune system. In this disease, the body loses its ability to identify the self-marker and it started to attack and decline the own body cells like foreign. One certain tissue type, including red blood cells will be defeated or it results in generalized illness like systemic illness.

Till now, the reason for the autoimmune system cause is not identified. It is a serious disease and the majority of the dogs affected by this disease have a serious illness or die in worst situations. Secondly, many autoimmune diseases are treated with high doses of immunosuppressive drugs or corticosteroids to reduce the response of the immune system.

Autoimmune diseases in the skin are rare and also a diagnosis of this disease is tough. A general veterinarian practitioner may come across only a couple of cases with this disease. Immunofluorescent staining or skin biopsy is mandatory to diagnose the diseases and prognosis for recovery from the system may differ. “Pemphigus complex” is a group of autoimmune skin disorders of four systems including ulcers, vesicles, erosions, and bullae.

The common example of multi-systemic autoimmune disease is SLE or Systemic lupus erythematosus. It is also referred as “great imitator” since it has the potential to mimic any other disease. The symptoms of SLE are persistent and also cyclic. One of the crucial signs of this disease is an unpredictable fever that never responds to any antibiotics.

Other two organs affected by SLE are Polymyositis that affects the several muscle groups causes muscle wasting, pain, fever, and also changes in the attitude of the dog. Glomerulus affects the kidney function that leads to a condition called glomerulonephritis. It results in loss of protein I the urine and finally failure of the kidney.

Complete blood count, serum chemistry analysis are the basic things in diagnosing the above diseases. In Splenectomy, the spleen will be eliminated using the surgical procedure and it is suggested by a veterinarian for nonresponsive cases. It is advantages for the dogs because of a couple of reasons like important organ responsible for the damages is removed and fewer antibodies count are produced against RBC.